AQUA-AID rebrands as AQUA-AID Solutions

AQUA-AID rebrands as AQUA-AID SolutionsThirty-five years of industry leadership will continue as AQUA-AID rebrands with a modernized look and name, AQUA-AID Solutions. The rebrand reflects more than 30 years of successfully delivering high-value solutions to turf managers, while looking into the future with the growth incurred over the past five years within the business. 

AQUA-AID Solutions’ portfolio delivers innovative technologies that focus on each element of a successful turfgrass system: water, air, soil and sunlight. AQUA-AID Solutions has the ability to provide synergistic moisture management, biological, soil and cultural solutions within their portfolio of products. Each technology provides long-lasting agronomic value and improve aesthetics and playability on turfgrass systems in the golf and sports field arena.

“We can touch any part of a turf managers’ agronomic program and deliver a solution to the challenges they may be facing,” says Sam Green, President of AQUA-AID Solutions. “This new platform will allow us to continue our mission of delivering unique technological advanced products to support agronomic programs while reducing environmental impact.”

Along with a new name and logo, AQUA-AID Solutions launches a new website, The website will not only highlight its portfolio of solutions, but showcase key research completed over the years that solidifies several products in the category of Best-In-Class for turf managers. Turf managers can follow continued updates on social media under AQUA-AID Solutions’ new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles: @Solutions4Turf. 

Established in 1986, AQUA-AID Solutions (formerly AQUA-AID) provided soil surfactant solutions within the turf industry. Within the last decade, AQUA-AID Solutions expanded their portfolio with Verde-Cal Products (enhanced lime, gypsum and potassium products), Imants and Vredo equipment, and most recently Worm Power Turf. 

AQUA-AID Solutions is looking forward to the future and being able to continue delivering customized innovations that solve turf and ornamental challenges by improving soil and plant health for agronomic programs around the globe.

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