ABOUT Who We Are
First Turf & Ornamental Corp. was started in 2015 by two industry professionals, Michael Bamann and Jeff Corcoran, with the thought of creating a business that would uniquely service the plant care needs of various turf and landscape markets. The driving motivation was to design a company that would focus on building relationships and making sure that customer service was the first priority, while providing a product line-up that was both varied and cost-competitive. Throughout its growth, First Turf has made it a point to ensure that every employee that represents the company has industry background and can communicate with their customers on a basis that they have “walked in their shoes”.

What We Do
First Turf & Ornamental recognizes that not all customers are the same. We saw a need for tailored, knowledgeable service, and have used our own experience to build a brand that is about the customer and his or her individual needs. We seek to offer affordable, quality products with proven results. Our product line is always expanding, and we are confident that we can provide our customers with fairly- priced products that can assist them in all aspects of their maintenance programs. Service, knowledge, and products at a fair price are the pillars of our foundation. We’re very proud of the company that we have created, and our commitment is always to our customers.
Andy Eick (Mohawk Golf Club - Schenectady, NY)
"First Turf and Ornamental has provided me with the support and service you can only ask for as a superintendent. They are always in your corner and a part of the solution when facing everyday agronomic situations."
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